1. How long is the tour?

Answer: Our Cheechako tour is a total of 4 hours long, from hotel pick-up to hotel drop-off!

2. Can children go on the tour?

Answer: We recommend children be at least 10 years old, or big enough to sit in a regular seat with seatbelt. If you’d like to take your child along who is younger than 10 and/or needs a car seat or booster seat, you will need to provide that. There is one price for of all ages of passengers.

3. Can seniors go on the tour?

Answer: Yes. We recommend seniors be in good physical health, have sufficient upper body strength to support themselves, and have no current significant injuries.

4. Can pregnant women go on the tour?

Answer: We don’t recommend expecting mothers to ride along, due to the rugged terrain and sometimes jarring movements experienced while in the Jeep.

5. Can people with injuries go on the tour?

Answer: Passengers must be able to lift themselves into the Jeep and support themselves in their seat without assistance for the duration of the tour.

6. Is this tour safe?

Answer: Yes! As with any off-road driving, there will be some jarring, jolting, bouncing, and other mildly rough movements.

7. Are pets allowed on the tour?

Answer: The only animals allowed on the tour are service animals.

8. What is the cancellation policy?

Answer: Passengers must notify us of a cancellation a minimum of 72 hours in advance of departure time in order to receive a full refund. No refunds are made for cancellations within 72 hours of departure time.

9. What should I wear?

Answer: Wear comfortable casual clothes that you don’t mind getting some light dust or dirt on. Close-toed shoes are important. Consider wearing long pants year-round, but shirts and tops should be appropriate for the season. It does get chilly in winter months, and it gets very warm in the summer.

10. What should I take along?

Answer: We recommend a hat, sunglasses, and a camera for the awesome scenery. Sunscreen is optional; there will be some direct sun exposure on the tour. Water and light snacks will be provided.

11. Can I get out to stretch my legs?

Answer: There will be several points along the tour where your guide will stop the Jeep to take in the views and for photos. Exiting the Jeep is not mandatory, but these are great chances for fresh air and to stretch legs while out in the Mojave Desert.

12. What if I have to use the restroom?

Answer: There will be two restroom stops during the 4 hour Cheechako Tour.

13. Will there be any other passengers with my group?

Answer: No. We only book one group per tour! There are a total of 3 passenger seats for you and your group.

14. What is the weather like on most tours?

Answer: In the summer months, it’s hot! There is air conditioning in the Jeep, but dress appropriately for the desert! In the winter months, it can get chilly. Spring and fall are typically very pleasant.

15. What happens in extreme weather?

Answer: We operate our tours rain or shine! It is at the discretion of your guide to continue or cancel the tour that day, based on the presence of thunder storms or flash floods. If tour is cancelled due to extreme weather before the departure time, passengers have the option of a reschedule or full refund. If tour has begun and cut short due to extreme weather, passengers have the option of a reschedule or a partial refund.

16. What on earth is a cheechako? (multiple choice)

a) A type of poisonous Mojave Desert plant with purple blooms
b) A tenderfoot, greenhorn, or newcomer
c) A Millennial dance move
d) A high end suspension component for the Jeep

17. Should we tip our guide?

Answer: It is customary to tip the guide, but we leave the decision up to you! If you received excellent service and had a great time, a 20% tip is greatly appreciated by your guide!





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