Make the Most Out of Your Las Vegas Vacation

Las Vegas Vacation

Las Vegas is one of those cities that surprise you each time you visit. There is an endless number of things to see and do in Las Vegas. Known for its shopping, entertainment, nightlife and hotels, Las Vegas is a leading resort city perfect for any occasion! From taking last-minute wild road trips to planning …Continue Reading »

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What You Need When Offroading for Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Offroading

It’s Labor Day weekend, a perfect opportunity for an off-roading adventure of a lifetime. It is a unique and fun way to connect with the land on a personal level because you don’t just drive past perfectly paved roads. You experience the land, navigate difficult terrain, and feel every bump along the rough track. Off-roading …Continue Reading »

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The Most Popular Off-Road Trails

Offroad Experience

The offroad experience is wonderful so the choice depends on how far you’re willing to travel for your adventure. You get a huge taste of the Nevada desert by traveling in areas you wouldn’t normally visit. With cool weather ahead, the experience will be much more enjoyable, after all, we do live in a desert …Continue Reading »

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1600 Miles of Adventure in Utah

Utah Offroad Adventure

1600 miles total of adventures, off-roading and lots of detours that led us on an amazing journey in Utah. This 7-day trip was one for the books!

When you think of Utah, you know the topic of conversation is that you’re in for a hell of an off-road trail. If an adventure is what you’re …Continue Reading »

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Red Rock Canyon Scenic Overlook

Most Las Vegas tourists don’t realize there’s more to this place than just glorious hotels and casinos. While the city life and the attractions offer a unique experience, you can take a small break away from it all to enjoy the surrounding natural beauty. This city might be located in the middle of a dessert, …Continue Reading »

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Las Vegas Off Road Tours vs. The Strip Experience

Welcome to Las Vegas

When people think of Las Vegas, they think of glitz, glamour, luxury, and high stakes poker. Tourists don’t realize that Vegas has much more to offer and their experience here can be diverse. The history of Las Vegas and Nevada goes beyond the Strip and its luxurious casinos. At one point, this land was home …Continue Reading »

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Exploring the Desert

Mojave Desert, Las Vegas

The desert has so much beautiful scenery. Sounds silly right? That is where you’re mistaken! The desert, specifically the Mojave Desert has so many amazing landmarks that sight-seeing is a must. At first glance, the Mojave Desert may seem like a desolate place. It features an endless landscape of little shade, heavy-handed daytime heat, and …Continue Reading »

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Vegas Wildlife – From the Spanish Dagger to Wild Mustangs

Vegas Wildlife Tours

The plants and wildlife of the Mojave Desert are captivating, from the robust Spanish Dagger plants that are native to American southern coasts to herds of majestic mustangs that roam the area. Kay and I fell in love with the nature around Las Vegas. The vast desert is tranquil yet thriving with the opportunity to …Continue Reading »

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Vegas Life – Sensory Overload or Peaceful Paradise?

Las Vegas tours, offroad tours

Living in Las Vegas is a mixed bag. Kay and I live in the southwest part of town, about 20 minutes west from the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. We’re also 10 minutes east from some of our favorite off-road trails. This yin-yang relationship of glitz, glamour, and debauchery in the city is uniquely counter-balanced by …Continue Reading »

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